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Effective Mosquito Control Services in Amarillo, TX and the Surrounding Areas

No matter how much you hate mosquitoes, they will continue to be nature’s most irritating insect. Fortunately, mosquitoes are easy to eliminate when you hire the right mosquito pest control specialist. Instead of avoiding your patio, deck, lawn, or garden, contact our mosquito control experts to take back your home’s exterior from the bugs. We use powerful mosquito spray to treat the exterior section of your home or business. Also, our insecticides are potent enough to kill mosquitoes at any of their life stages (egg, larva, pupa, adult). Best of all, we use eco-friendly mosquito treatment solutions that do not harm people or pets. Contact us today for more details on our mosquito control plans in the Amarillo, TX area—it’s time to get rid of mosquitoes for good!

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Why Choose Us to Handle Your Mosquito Problem?

A hot climate is a mosquito’s paradise. This is what makes homes and businesses in the Amarillo, TX area especially susceptible to mosquito infestations. It is crucial to note that mosquitoes can pose serious health risks to your family or staff. They can carry diseases ranging from Zika to EEE. Fortunately, our experienced mosquito exterminators are just a call away! Here at Pestcon, we use a strong blend of mosquito control solutions to effectively kill the adults and eggs in the grass, water, soil, and air on your property. We are equipped with modern tools that spray the solution evenly on every surface. Since your safety is our top priority, we make sure the treatment is properly administered for quick killing action. With our expert services, you don’t have to stay indoors during the warmer months for fear of mosquitoes ruining your basking session. Indeed, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Let our mosquito control experts spray the bugs out for your peace of mind. We provide a one-time treatment and a single follow-up service to ensure you are fully satisfied with the results.

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Schedule Our Thorough Mosquito Control Service Today

Our mosquito company offers an intensive treatment plan for commercial and residential clients in the Amarillo, TX area. We start by inspecting every corner of your property to locate the breeding grounds. Then, we apply the mosquito control treatment in your garden, lawn, trees, rooflines, and other shaded regions. We’ll also remove any trash and drain any stagnant water that could lead to future infestations. 

With over 30 years of pest control experience and strong knowledge of the industry’s leading products and equipment, our licensed professionals can help to make your Amarillo backyard safer, healthier, and more enjoyable. Give us a call to learn more about our affordable mosquito control program! 

Our services are available in:

  • Amarillo, TX
  • Bushland, TX
  • Canyon, TX
  • Panhandle, TX
  • Borger, TX
  • + Surrounding Areas

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