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The most powerful and cost-effective first line of defense against rodents and insects is pest exclusion. Exclusion pest control uses eco-friendly methods to keep pests out of your business and home. For example, we build impenetrable barriers on the outer parts of your home to prevent rodents from gnawing or climbing their way into your yard. Likewise, we provide longterm pest-proof solutions within your building to keep employees safe from pests as they work. With our vast years of practice in rodent exclusion services, we are confident our techniques are effective and worth the investment. Besides, our pest exclusion services can handle any kind of project, large or small. We have the equipment we need plus we are familiar with the neighborhoods in Bushland, TX. So, you don’t have to rely on your wits and guesswork to chase the intruders out.
Let us animal-proof your property the right way with the right tools.
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Exclusion Pest Control

We offer a variety of pest exclusion methods for homes and businesses in Bushland, TX. The type of pest exclusion method we use depends entirely on the type of rodent or insect we are dealing with. Since every problem is unique, we customize each exclusion pest control for an effective outcome. So, you can relax knowing your home or business will get the best service it deserves. Also, our exclusion pest control techniques are in line with the state requirements. If it is a wild animal, we safely remove it from your home without any harm. In cases where the animal has rabies or mortal wounds, we euthanize it using the most humane and painless way possible. Besides, we are an animal-friendly exclusion pest control company. Our pest exclusion methods aim to end the human-animal conflict that arises from invasion.

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Rodent Exclusion Services

There’s nothing as horrible as finding a dead rat in your food or drink. It is estimated at least 20% of global food is contaminated by rodents. Their hairs, feces, or body fluids can easily find their way into your kitchen without notice. There’s no better way to prevent this from happening than by signing up for our professional pest exclusion services. For a start, we conduct a thorough inspection of your building before rodent-proofing your home. Our experts locate the entryways then they cover them using permanent sealants.
Furthermore, our rodent exclusion services go the extra mile to seal potential passageways with meshes or boards for future protection. Given that rodents have a great attraction to food, we offer suitable advice on how to secure your dumpsters, birdhouses, and pet food from critters. You don’t have to be part of the statistics of homeowners in Bushland, TX with a rodent infestation. Get your free pest exclusion quote and have our experts secure your home.
For information on general pest control, please see our General Pest Control Canyon, TX page.
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Pest Exclusion Services

Our pest exclusion services are not limited to wild animals only. We provide treatments to combat small insects like ants, cockroaches, bedbugs, mosquitos, and spiders. Besides, our customized insect treatment programs are available to homes and businesses in Bushland, TX. So, don’t let your restaurant, hotel, office, or kitchen get overrun by insects when you can simply kick them out with our one-time treatment. Also, we offer a single follow up service to ensure the bugs are gone for good. So, don’t wait until your pest problem is out of hand. You can have your rodent and insect problem eradicated in one go with our effective pest management strategy. We use less invasive techniques and eco-friendly treatments to keep your home bug-free. Our pest exclusion services cover Amarillo, Canyon, Vega, Panhandle, Borger, Wildorado, and Lake Tanglewood.

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Cristie Bradshaw Avatar
Cristie Bradshaw
3/24/2019 - Google

Always on time, professional, they do a great job of controlling the bugs at my house. Have used them for several years. I just call when I need them, reasonable pricing.

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