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We Keep the Bugs Out

Our company started in 1977 to protect Texas residents from annoying pests and unwarranted destruction. Presently, our leadership is under the capable hands of a husband and wife who were once longterm exterminators. Their deep understanding of how troublesome and dangerous pests can be in homes and offices has given us the edge we need to develop more effective techniques to protect your property. With over 30 years of experience in pest control and exclusion, we are confident our services are adequate to offer the relief you deserve from bugs and rodents.

We Keep the Bugs Out

Pest Control Amarillo and Surrounding Areas

Pests are not only a nuisance in any home or business, but they are also carriers of diseases and infections. So, if you have a pest problem, let our team of experienced and licensed pest control experts take care of it. Our methods are eco-friendly, humane, and adhere to local codes. Moreover, the treatments we use are pest-specific. Not to mention our ant control services which are high-quality, fast, and effective. The results are quick and your home will be free of pests before you know it. We offer the best wildlife exclusion services in Amarillo, TX. So, no need to worry about the squirrels and other rodents that have taken over your property. Contact our commercial pest control services for cost-effective and lasting treatments that keep the bugs out.

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Wildlife Exclusion

If wild animals start burrowing and nesting in your home or office, then chasing them away will not help. You need wildlife exclusion to keep the critters out for good. Our pest control services make sure pests such as raccoons and nesting birds do not enter your property. Also, we carefully inspect your offices or home to locate the entryways. Once we find any openings, we seal them. Wildlife access points vary according to the pest. That’s why we never use the same technique to capture different animals. Moreover, the methods we use are humane and aimed towards preventing future intrusions. We repair structural damage and seal passageways with tough materials. Each wildlife exclusion technique is unique to every animal.
Apart from preventing costly damage, our wildlife exclusion protects your children or employees from rabid animals. So, put your safety first by booking our commercial pest control services in Amarillo, TX.

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Ant Control

Ants survive for long periods without food. They can be particularly troublesome during their mating season. So, getting professional help as soon as you spot ants is always the best idea. We offer ant control services to commercial and residential properties. Furthermore, we are certified and licensed to carry out pest control services in Amarillo, TX. Our technicians are experienced and the best in the industry. Above all, we guarantee a high-quality, long-lasting solution for ant problems.
Since ants can be a variety of different species, we never use only one method to eliminate them. Our technicians are knowledgeable in the various species of ants. So, they can identify the type of ant and proceed to locate their nest. Then, they determine the best product and system to use in removing them. Also, we take care not to harm your plants or lawn in the process.

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Commercial Pest Control Services

Pests can infest your business as much as they can your home. As a result, having a pest control company you can rely on can come in handy. Our commercial pest control services have been around for over two decades. And, our vast experience guarantees high-quality work. No matter the size, from opossums to termites, we handle them all. Whether it’s a bug infestation or massive nesting problem, our experts are equipped and trained to handle any manner of pest control.

What’s more, our techniques are non-toxic, safe, and humane especially towards wild animals. We believe in protecting the ecosystem and animals despite their pesky nature. Apart from this, we show no mercy to insects like mosquitoes, bedbugs, roaches, ants, and other invasive insects that fit into this category.

So, contact us today to schedule an appointment. Our teams are available every weekday from Monday to Friday. Apart from Amarillo, TX, our commercial pest control is open to businesses in Bushland, Canyon, Vega, Borger, Wildorado, Panhandle, and Lake Tanglewood.

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Cristie Bradshaw Avatar
Cristie Bradshaw
3/24/2019 - Google

Always on time, professional, they do a great job of controlling the bugs at my house. Have used them for several years. I just call when I need them, reasonable pricing.

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