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Rodents such as opossums, mice, and rats are notorious for spreading disease and contaminating food. Unfortunately, with the right conditions, they can multiply rapidly and swarm your property. Fortunately, Pestcon offers professional rodent control solutions to eradicate existing pests and prevent the risk of future infestations. With over 30 years of industry experience, we know how to handle rodents and pests of any kind. We offer quality workmanship and customer satisfaction is a guarantee. If you suspect you are sharing your home or business with rats or mice, call us. Our rodent exterminator will eliminate the rodents plaguing your home with safe, effective control methods.  

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Protect Your Home or Business from Health Hazards and Costly Damages with Our Rodent Treatment Services

The presence of rats or mice is a nightmare and a health hazard to any business owner. If you live or work in the Amarillo, TX area, it’s a good idea to schedule regular rodent control services to prevent infestations on your property. We provide quick and cost-effective rodent control plans that deal with recurring rodent issues. Our technicians are proficient in their work and conduct follow-up services to ensure long-lasting results. In addition to mice and rats, our rodent control experts handle a variety of other troubling outdoor pests, such as raccoons, possums, and squirrels. We can also provide you with expert advice on prevention options.

With quality rodent control services, you can protect your family, pets, or staff from the health risks associated with mice or rats. What’s more, early extermination prevents costly damages that result from gnawing and scratching. We encourage our clients to contact us at the first sight of a mouse or rat on their property so that we stop the infestation before it worsens. Our technicians are trained in the industry’s most advanced rat, mice, and general rodent pest control techniques. Once dispatched, they will arrive promptly at your Amarillo home or business, fully equipped to resolve your specific issue. We’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your property to identify the hiding places and breeding ground of the rats before proceeding to remove them. Our treatments are correctly administered so that no harm will come to your family, staff, or pets. 

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We Employ Effective Mouse and Rat Extermination Techniques

For most people, a rat and a mouse might as well be the same animal. However, mice are usually much smaller than rats (though just as destructive). As a result, a singular rodent control method will not work for both rats and mice. Luckily, our trained technicians know how to identify and apply species-appropriate treatments. Over the years, we’ve become known as the Amarillo area’s most trusted mouse and rat exterminator thanks to our vast knowledge, diligence, and dependability. So feel free to request a one-time service or book regular rodent control appointments with us. We are available in the following areas:


  • Amarillo, TX
  • Bushland, TX
  • Canyon, TX
  • Panhandle, TX
  • Borger, TX
  • + Surrounding Areas
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Cristie Bradshaw Avatar
Cristie Bradshaw
3/24/2019 - Google

Always on time, professional, they do a great job of controlling the bugs at my house. Have used them for several years. I just call when I need them, reasonable pricing.

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